"The white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the blockchain technology platform and ideology, which paved the path for the beginnings of a decentralized foundation of what is referred to as the Web3 paradigm. This has influenced a large number of domains spanning from Information Technology, Finance, Social Media, to even areas of artistic activity such as the domain of designers and creators. “Non-fungible Tokens” or what is more commonly referred to as “NFTs” is a digital asset that has played a large role in this new context. Not only did the emergence of NFTs diversify the practice of digital art, but also created a sudden flux of market opportunities for investment. This has not only created a new path of survival and artistic growth for many artists, but this new technology has also pushed the boundaries of creative expression.

Behind the accelerating frenzy of investments, there is an important transformation bubbling below the surface. A shift in roles that was once fulfilled by centralized platforms are now being handed down to creators, users, and fans. One could express this model as a model that is deeply engaging for fans and creators alike, where the community of like minded people create their own new economic model. What are the possibilities of this new technology and model that has taken the world by storm? We would like to explore how this impacts or influences existing art, and evolves our relationships with it. Through an exploration of a diverse set of use-cases for NFTs, and through listening to many voices that speak from the forefront of this new domain, we will attempt to capture the potential answer to our many exploratory questions."