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Canberra based, award winning, multi-disciplinary designer ▫ Passionate about timeless design and storytelling through ever evolving technologies ▪

Studio Strauss is lead by veteran designer Andrew Strauss with over 20 years expirience in design, art direction and contemporary art. Having worked in Sydney, Melbounre, Los Angeles and Santiago, and exhibited his work acorss the world. ,the studio is now based in ever-pleasant Canberra.  

For a long time, I maintained a distinct separation between my art and design practice, with the former being deeply rooted in traditional mediums such as printmaking and ink on paper, and the latter characterised by digital technologies. But over the past decade, exploring the richness of the space between art and design and integrating these aspects of my work became the cornerstone of my creative process. My current practice involves experimenting with innovative technological tools across both digital and physical mediums, creative coding, mathematics and algorithms, bound together with a common thread of elegant and fluid design aesthetics.

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